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A&D coverI’ve just come across a great deal for all you urban fantasy and paranormal romance thriller fans. This is the latest from Kim Petersen, who has several novels out already. That’s great because once you’ve seen this one, you can binge read all her books!

Angels & Vixens has it all: a brother lost in dreams, a budding romance, and the reappearance of old troubles with a black witch conjuring for the dark side.

Here’s the description:

Her love has no limits.
His vengeance knows no bounds.

With her brother Ace dangerously lurking in her dreams, Millie finds herself captive in a delicately woven love-triangle between past desires and her faithful fiance. When she finally decides to follow the path which beckons her heart, Ace and his black witch lover sweep into town; leaving a poisonous trail of death and vengeance in their wake.
Millie’s life blackens as her brother’s…

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Millie’s Journal Entry #8

Excerpt from Millie’s Angel


December 31, 1987

Dear Journal,

It has been almost three weeks since she’s left. Ace and I are slowly and grudgingly beginning to accept that she’s not coming back. I had hoped she might have missed us so much that she just had to come back or die. But I guess she doesn’t miss us at all. I guess the whisper inside her is much stronger than her love for her children. And I guess that I was wrong in thinking love is the only way.

I have been passing through the school holidays a mere shadow of my former self. Waiting. Hoping. Breaking. Feeling empty. But being strong for my 8-year-old brother, who thinks he has done something terribly wrong for our mother to leave us. Dad has been trying to make a happy home for us. I am stuck between hating him and needing him at the same time. He works a lot though, and when he’s home through the days, I spend much of the time with Emily and Damon. I have learned to cook dinners for us too, which keeps my mind occupied somewhat. But regardless of how much Dad tries, I am feeling lost and emptier than ever, and I know Ace has been left with a hole in his little heart for our mother too.

Dad says he has to go away for two to three nights to Queensland for work soon, which is odd because he has never before had to go away for work. He will be leaving me here to look after Ace. I am a little frightened at this prospect. And what if he doesn’t come back? What if he leaves us too? What then? I’m scared.

It is New Year’s Eve. Dad will be working a double shift, and since I can’t leave Ace alone, I have decided to have Emily and Damon here. Thank God for friends. They help in keeping my spark dimly lit.

If I focus hard enough and love hard enough, 1988 might just bring our mother back.


Millie xo


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Deadly Tails Released Today!

Prentice delights again!

Deadly Tails is a smart, sassy and humorous mystery which had me laughing out loud one moment and challenging my murder-solving skills the next as I was pulled into Westport with Chloe and her colorful companions and kept there in this wonderfully crafted tale about a girls love for a dog, a chessboard and murder.

Prentice is a truly gifted author and this book will not disappoint.


Deadly tails

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Promises of Love

Last year I was married by the salty crash of waves against a rocky cliff with a handful of guests. The afternoon was perfect in every way – even if our 3 year old son refused to wear his gorgeous black pageboy suit, turning up in very underwhelming attire. In hindsight I should have just dressed him in his favorite Spider man outfit and been done with it. Now that would have made for some interesting photos!

I came across the wedding vows I wrote today. They never made the light of day due to the fact that my groom thought he would wing his vows on the big day – until his nerves had other ideas. I was totally fine with this scenario, as I am not the best at speaking publicly. So, here I share those unspoken vows with the hope that you may share some romantic stories with me.

After all, I  am a writer and always looking for inspiring tales of love …


“I never really understood what it meant to love a man until I loved you.

You are my lover and my light,

My greatest adversary and my softest place to fall,

My partner in parenthood, my student and my teacher.

And still after all these years, you are the cause of the slight rush of blood to my head and the delightful skip of my heart.

I love the way you make me laugh, I love your style and your moves on the dance floor and I swear, I would marry you for your Indonesian cooking alone!

I love the life we have made together with all of our beautiful children,

I love dreaming my dreams beside you.

I see all of you, and all that you are, I promise to love and cherish forever”



Dear Millie,

The moment I laid eyes on you and held your tiny body in my arms, my heart was stolen. I became a mother for the first time, and for the first time I felt my life had purpose. I had a family of my own. You will understand one day, when you hold your first child, how it feels to really love another unconditionally and devote yourself to your family. And devote I did. When your brother came along, it was perfectly complete, and we were happy for many years. But nothing stays the same. Even when you feel joy surging through every part of you and know in your heart contentment, and wish you could feel this way forever, still it doesn’t stay the same. Everything is always changing, Millie; wanted or unwanted, the change is relentless. I thought about your questions today, about how much power we have over our lives, and the power of thought. I realise now that all this time I have created my life by default so far, because I have attracted a situation I wish to participate in no longer. I hope you can find it in your heart to understand why I have made the decision to start over, and this time I will be much more conscious of my repeated thoughts and attempt to create my life how I desire. Thank you for bringing to my attention the power we all possess over our life experiences.

I cannot take you and Ace with me, Millie, as much as I would like to. Your father will surely look for us. You don’t know him as I do; he will not stop and I cannot live my days looking over my shoulder in fear. He loves you and Ace very much, and I know he will make sure you two are cared for and happy.

I have enclosed a key with this letter. This key is very important, Millie. I want you to keep it somewhere safe and tell no-one of its existence. The information it unlocks will one day be paramount to you, and when you are older, I shall write to you and direct you to the keyhole it will turn.

Leaving you and Ace is not easy for me, but I must leave. When you finally come to know the information the key holds, my dear Millie, you will understand. Until then, know that I will never stop loving you and Ace, and some day we shall reunite again.

Remember my beautiful daughter, you are standing on the brink of the rest of your life. Create it as you want it and always listen to the whisper within you.

Albert Einstein said “Knowledge will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere”.

Use your imagination wisely my sweet Millie. You are special. And you can have anything you desire.

With Love,

Mum xxoo

Excerpt from Millie’s Angel

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Millie’s Journal Entry #7


Millie sees the world in colors

Excerpt from Millie’s Angel

December 25, 1987

Dear Journal,


It has been exactly nineteen days since our mother has left us. And it has been the hardest nineteen days of my life. I try so hard to be strong and keep it together for Ace. I lay beside him every night until he is asleep, and then I go to bed and cry myself to sleep. Will she ever return to us? Does she miss us as much as we miss her? Life seems empty without her.

Today was the first Christmas I have ever spent without my Mum. Her absence was felt by me and Ace profoundly. We have never experienced such a depressingly dull Christmas – ever. Dad tried to make it as joyous as he could, and for him I actually think it was. He doesn’t seem too fazed by our mother’s elected disappearance at all. When I look him squarely in the eyes, which is rare because I seldom talk to him, a cold chill springs to life right at the top of my spine and runs all the way down. Although he is acting quite happy and joyous, he is different. And with every inch of my body, I know that it’s not a good different.

Our mother has abandoned us because of our father. I know she is scared of him, because she mentioned as such in her letter. I have the most dreadful feeling she has every right to be frightened of Dad, even though she has left Ace and I here with him. I fear that choice has made no difference in my father’s thinking.

She should have taken us with her. I don’t want to be here with him. I hate him! I hate her for leaving me! I hate the world! I hate everything!

She brought me an easel and canvas set for Christmas, with the most beautiful paints and brushes. I can’t imagine I shall ever use them now. I can’t imagine ever picking up a pencil to even sketch now. Without her, life is meaningless. Sketching and painting is meaningless. I hate this place!

I miss my Mummy.

Millie xo


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Millie’s Journal Entry #6


Excerpt from Millie’s Angel

December 6, 1987

Dear Journal,

DATE NIGHT!! Oh, and am I just a tad excited! Em has loaned me her thin golden bangles. She said it will set off my new dress. Which, by the way, she loves. She is coming over later to help me get ready for the big night. She is the bestest friend in the world. Thank God for Emily!

My Dad actually said more than two words to me this morning – can you believe that? He asked about my date tonight. I told him we were going to the movies, and when he questioned me further, my Mum told him that she had it covered, then glared towards him really sternly! Probably the most I’ve heard her say to him lately … but he didn’t say a word back to her – surprisingly. I have also noticed Dad spending more time cleaning the house these days – another strange happening around here.

After Mum gave me the dress that day, she’s barely said much to me at all … nothing of importance anyway. No more “I love you’s”. No more hugs. No more anything really. And I still miss her more than ever. I have so many questions to ask her about boys and this first date. I would love to bounce some ideas off her too. About how something I had placed in my imagination for so long is now something I am actually experiencing, and how I wonder if this works for other things we want in our lives. And, of course, I would love to discuss my dreams with her. But I know she is not open to any questions; I have tried.

At least I have Emily. Thank God for Emily! She knows lots more about boys than me; she’s been on heaps of dates. She knows what they like and how to behave around them … she gives me loads of tips. I can handle this.

I think.

My dreams continue… Wings of vibrant beautiful shades and butterflies of violet. Deep violet. The background is illuminated white – like a light, a radiating light. Magnificent whales have appeared breaching enormously out of this radiating light only to disappear beneath it again. These dreams are no ordinary dreams. I know this because of the way they make me feel and I can almost hear what she says to me now … but not quite. I know I’ll hear when I’m ready. I just know.

My visions and dreams are fuel for my art and I am sketching like crazy … love it! Keeps me occupied through the strange hours at home.

I have decided to experiment with this imagination thing I’ve been pondering. I am going to envision every day that I am a successful, well-known artist in my future. For that is fast becoming my dream. And the whisper within me feels pretty good about it too.

DATE NIGHT! Gotta go!

Millie xo

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